Elsa Majimbo makes mind-blowing vow to 8-year-old Kenyan girl

• The content creator noted that she was sharing the story because a lot of netizens have a warped perception of the kind of person she is.

Elsa Majimbo

US-based Kenyan comedienne, digital content creator and model Elsa Majimbo has yet again showcased her humanitarian and philanthropic side, this comes in just 6 months after she donated Sh. 70 million to the needy.

Through her socials, the 22-year-old has revealed that she is currently fully sponsoring an 8-year-old girl in her home country, Kenya among a few other philanthropic missions that she is engaged in.

Besides paying school fees for needy strangers, Elsa revealed she has also taken the mantle of her brother's education from her parents' hands and part of her income goes to his education.

The comedienne laid all this bare in a bid to humanize herself and break misconceptions around her

Elsa started by narrating how when she was vacationing on the sandy beaches of Diani last year, a maid at the villa she was staying in pleaded her case to the Forbes 30 under 30 star asking for assistance to help send her child to school.

After a little one-on-one with the desperate mom, Elsa went on to inquire about the child’s details and school fees finishing it all up with her promising to fully cater for the toddler's education.

“I will pay for your child’s school fees until she finishes school, and that is my promise to you,” Elsa stated.

US based Kenyan content creator Elsa Majimbo

She went on to note that one of the main reasons she was sharing the story was because a lot of netizens have a warped perception of who she is with most thinking she is a stuck-up celebrity who doesn't care about others.

Now the reason why I’m saying the story is because some of you.. and I don’t know why you do this, but you portray me like I’m this monster who doesn’t care about humanitarian needs and humanitarian rights. I do so much for people," the content creator lamented.

Elsa went on to toot her own horn as she highlighted some of the selfless things that she has done that don't get to hit the media screens.

“I am a woman of the people! Every single day when I go home, and it’s at night, if I see someone on the street, I will always make it a point to make sure they have eaten," she animatedly said.

Finishing, she revealed that she was super committed to supporting around 50 girls in Africa, generally from Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa to be able to get a good education to better their lives.

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