Kenyans debate President Ruto's attire during Housing Levy signing at State House

• President William Ruto's red helmet has elicited a debate online 

• Ruto on Tuesday assented to the Affordable Housing Bill, after it was passed by Parliament.

ruto affordable housing signing
ruto affordable housing signing

A photo of President William Ruto's outfit while assenting to the Affordable Housing Bill into law has sparked an endless debate online.

Netizens are discussing the correct colored safety helmet he should have worn.

The Head of State on Tuesday assented to the Affordable Housing Bill into law, after it was passed by Parliament.

The signing ceremony was held at State House, Nairobi.

However, the red hat helmet he wore has elicited a fierce debate about wearing the correct color when it comes to matters related to construction.

Kenyans have even gone a step further and provided an analysis of the professions that wear different colored helmets.

Others expressed curiosity about how netizens noticed the helmet colour. 

The colour coding system is designed to identify workers by their safety qualifications. Each different colour hard hat has a different meaning.

The system is intended to reduce on-site dangers by making it easier to note the experience and expertise of each person on a construction site. 

Here is what Industrial safety helmet standards and colors mean.

White - for managers, foremen, engineers, or supervisors. 

Green - for safety inspectors, and new or probationary workers. 

Yellow - for general labourers or earth-moving operators. 

Brown - for those involved in high-heat applications such as welders. 

Blue - for carpenters, electricians, and other technical operators.

toshy_254....Red construction helmet ⛑️ is for firefighters…

felixkavii....Huyu sasa amekuwa mtu wa mjengo na Fire fighter at the same time. You can't take the ghetto of the n**ga

danville_hitbox...Gumboot on red carpet..

world._brian.....A red helmet reflects danger 😂😂😂

charles_kanyangi....Wrong helmet color. The red helmet is for emergency services.

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