Manzi wa Kibera: Why I am the female version of Samidoh

• The Mugithi musician has been keeping a low profile ever since he came back from America.

Samidoh vs Manzi Wa Kibera
Image: Courtesy

Manzi wa Kibera opened up about following in the footsteps of artist Samidoh regarding the complex dynamics of love involving two women.

The beauty revealed this after claiming to have reconciled with Nzioki, her 67-year-old lover.

However, Manzi wa Kibera made it clear that despite getting back together with Nzioki, she has not parted ways with Daniel Njau, another elderly man aged 75.

She mentioned that she plans to engage with both her elderly lovers simultaneously, just as Samidoh does with Karen Nyamu and Edday, each having their own time and share of affection discreetly.

"Have you ever seen Karen [Nyamu] and Edday [Nderitu] meet? I am the female version of Samidoh. These people cannot meet because if they do, it will be another world war.

Everyone stays in their own lane, and I am the one moving from one to the other. Many activities," revealed Manzi wa Kibera about her plan with her elderly lovers.

She explained that similar to Samidoh, who travels between Karen and Edday in the United States and back, she has also taken a strategic approach to ensure that her elderly lovers never meet, as a way of preserving the peace in her love life.

"They have never met. Each person plays independently. I post on social media, but no one has a phone; I took them all away to keep the field clean. I am dating them at the same time; there is no day I have come out and said I have broken up with Nzioki [67-year-old]."

"It's like Samidoh, who has never come to tell us that he and Karen have ever fought. No! He is with Karen, he is with Edday.

If he wakes up in the morning, goes to the USA, and returns the next evening to sleep in Runda, no one will ask him because he has never said they have separated.

That's me now; I have never parted ways with Njau, and I have never parted ways with Nzioki. I have them both; my husband Nzioki, my husband Njau!" she concluded.

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