Manzi wa Kibera's 66 year old ex boyfriend emotional over breakup

• The 66 year old man  was recently replaced with a 75-year-old.

• He wishes the socialite would give him another chance.

The emotional state of Manzi wa Kibera's ex-boyfriend after they split has elicited mixed reactions.The man whom she often called 'Mzae' is in a video calling her out for using and dumping him.

The last picture that Manzi and Mzae shared publicly was on December 30, 2023, when they appeared quite charmed with each other.

She had spent Christmas with Mzae, happily declaring their love is forever.

"Love lives here ❤️😍💋"

Manzi then a day later shared a collage of her old and new boyfriend, mocking it hilariously.

"Your current is somebody's ex 🤣😂😁" she wrote.

Four days ago, Wambo aka Manzi unveiled her new man for 2024.

"New year, new catch" she captioned their official Instagram picture.The new catch appears much younger than 'Mzae' a fact that many noticed as they posed on her social media.

Kenyans are tagging Manzi urging her to reconsider her decision or help out the old man as he grieves their lost love.

In a video, the 67-year-old tells of despair as she has blocked him from calling her. He also suggests that someone took all his personal property and could very well be homeless

"Hata jiko sina, natembea tembea tu hivi nione kama mawazo zitaisha " he suggested he is in a bad state."

Ni wengine hapo hata siwaelewi. Nilikuja kwa nyumba nikapta hata hakuna kitu " he continued to narrate.

He has begun smoking and said it's to relieve his stress.

"Nilikuwa natemeba na yeye hivi, sasa ameniruka, sasa hata kupiga simu hachukuwi. We used to go out alot with her. Now she isn't picking my calls. " She responded to the criticism"

Kindly stop tagging me in this video. Whoever made this video just wants to tarnish my name honestly. How is someone who is no longer with my responsibility." she blasted Kenyans.

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