Eric Omondi blames Kenyans for Trevor and Mungai Eve's breakup


• The comedian Eric Omondi blamed close friends and Kenyans for the breakup between two content creators.

Comedian Eric Omondi has blamed Kenyans for jinxing Mungai Eve and director Trevor's relationship. 

In an interview with Trudy Kitui, the comedian blamed close friends and Kenyans for the breakup between two content creators.

"That was people interfering with other people's lives. I feel like Kenyans and friends have made this happen. people play the bigger part, Kenyans and close friends and acquaintances. It is not that they listened to people but over time," Eric stated. 

Eric's claims come days after news of the couple parting ways went viral with Trevor confirming the breakup.

Trevor further stated that the two had not been together since February 2023. 

Eric was adamant that it had to be the fault of Kenyans, for their ill comments. 

The comedian further urged the two to reach out to him. 

"Call me, and we will meet the three of us. Kenyans have made you trend, take a hat sit down, use it, and push your channel," he advised.

A section of Netizens asked Omondi to help the two reconcile.

Georgina muchira: Please Eric wasaidie wasiachane aki

Embu queen 👑: I wish they could get back together 🥺

@marcyotieno5852: There is no way mtablame watu over the break up yet they've been living their lives publicly, what do you expect, people have been reacting to what they've seen, as the saying goes, the devil can never fight what he doesn't know.

kihoro: very true kwanza close friends fear them 💯

Lyn❤️: Eric is a good friend to mungai eve..

chebet.ticketingErick speaks with wisdom, they must see a way out of this. For the sake of the Brand. What Trevor has done is not wise at all.

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