Director Trevor unveils duo replacing Mungai Eve as he reveals real break up date

• The recent videos delve into the details of the breakup between the former couple and co-workers, Eve Mungai and Trevor.

Director Trevor
Image: Instagram

Director Trevor's YouTube channel, formerly known as 'Mungai Eve Show' and now rebranded as 'Kenya Online Media (KOM),' is off to a strong start with the release of over four videos shortly after the breakup and departure of Mungai Eve.

The 'KOM' head has assembled a new team of reporters, including Captain Nyota, Rael Wangari, and others whose identities remain undisclosed.

In an introductory video, Rael Wangari expressed her excitement about this new phase of the channel.

"We are ushering in a new era; what you have known as Mungai Eve Media for so long now has a new identity, Kenya Online Media. That stands as Kenya's premier online media," Wangari announced.

Rael Wangari
Image: Instagram

The recent videos delve into the details of the breakup between the former couple and co-workers, Eve Mungai and Trevor.

Trevor revealed that his romantic relationship with Eve Mungai had ended a year ago, contrary to the public perception of a harmonious romance.

Captain Nyota clarified the situation, stating that they had mutually chosen to keep their breakup confidential and continue working together to safeguard the brand.

"We collaborated professionally last year even after our romantic relationship had concluded. It was only in February this year that we officially decided to go our separate ways," Trevor disclosed through Nyota.

Captain Nyota
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In related news, the Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai has recommended that Mungai should pursue legal action against Trevor, contending that the channel, boasting over 700K subscribers and millions of views, was established using her brand.

The former controversial blogger, now a politician, expressed empathy for Eve Mungai, noting that he had witnessed her painstaking efforts in building the channel from scratch.

"Eve Mungai should sue Trevor and reclaim all her pages. Eve Mungai built the pages using her image and went to great lengths to sacrifice everything for the pages to grow. I remember how many times we interacted with her while chasing a story. She shouldn't let the channels go that easily," remarked the MCA.

Director Trevor and Eve Mungai in the past when they were still together
Image: Instagram

On Monday, February 19, 2024, Director Trevor declared his intention to take control and rebrand two YouTube channels and a Facebook page that were previously managed by Mungai, stating that her services were no longer required.

It's worth noting that Eve has yet to respond to the tumultuous turn of events and appears unfazed by the chaotic developments while enjoying her solo trip to Zanzibar.

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