Alcohol sold for less than Sh250 is poison - Moses Kuria

• 17 people who died after consuming illicit alcohol were buried on Saturday

Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria claims he has tried and tested formulas to tell if alcohol is illicit.

The politician was speaking on Saturday at Kimorori Grounds celebrating the life of Moses Kangehte Njoroge.

In his speech, he warned Chiefs and their Assistants who are not taking action against illicit brewers.

The controversial Cs warned Kenyans that if alcohol is sold for less than sh250, then it is lethal and you should be worried.

The politician angrily addressed the audience.

"Chief, subchiefs, and the whole administration, before we arrest the manufacturers and the sellers, it is you who is to blame," he stated 

"The ones in Kirinyaga are in jail," he warned.


"They keep asking how you can tell alcohol is illicit. I have a formula I use, Anyone who is selling that alcohol called Vodka the 250ml one, if that person sells it for sh250 and under, that is poison, That's because the cost of producing that is way more. If alcohol costs less than 250, that one contains illicit stuff. So I want to tell chiefs, from today go to all bars impound anything that sh100, 120, arrest the sellers, then ask them where they buy that alcohol from (manufacturers) We will not allow our people to die," Kuria said.

"We will fight illicit alcohol together. From the President, Deputy all leaders are fighting this menace in Mt Kenya. 

Elsewhere, the 17 people who died in Kangai village, Kirinyaga county from drinking illicit alcohol were buried in a ceremony on Saturday, Feb 17.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki on Friday said the owner of the bar where the victims took the alcohol will face murder charges.

He said the sale of illicit brew is now equivalent to banditry and terrorism.

The CS said he would be very ruthless in the war against illicit brew.

“We are going to treat it (illicit brew menace) the way we have treated the problem of terrorism and banditry by having a continuous permanent operation until this problem is gone,” he said.

The CS ordered the closure of all village bars across the country.

Kindiki said the nationwide operation is going to be active for as long as the illicit brew is in circulation.

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