Sonko flaunts his expensive alcohol collection

• Sonko is a man who loves the finest things life has to offer.

jaguar and sonko
jaguar and sonko

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has given fans a glimpse into his expensive alcohol collection.

The politician was hanging out with fellow politician Jaguar, who was rather impressed at the massive collection his peer has.

Jaguar couldn't help but hold several bottles while he marveled at the glass display cabinet (see behind the picture above).

Bottles of Luc Belaire, a brand associated with Rick Ross, is loved by many Kenyan celebrities.

Jaguar said that Sonko inspires him in a caption that read

"You inspire people who pretend not to even see you…..Trust me @mike.sonko"

Sonko's home and the luxurious decor are legendary.

He features a lot of gold items showing he loves opulence.His house and the compound are the size of a mall. The decadence of the place often leaves us speechless in awe of how much luxury it conveys.

From his walk-in wardrobe displaying shoes from every imaginable brand to clothes and jewelry, Sonko loves the good life.

He is also a philanthropist loved by his online fans who show him gratitude for all those he helps out.

From paying school fees to taking addicts to rehab and paying hustlers trying to make a living, Sonko is a huge presence in Kenyans' lives.

drinks in sonko home
drinks in sonko home

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