Emmy Koskei, 43, speaks on getting kids with her 65-year-old hubby

• Emmy Kosgei defends her childfree stance with hubby Anselm Madubuko

Emmy Kosgei and her hubby Anselm Madubuko

Kenyan gospel artist Emmy Kosgei has finally addressed the million-dollar question of whether she and her Nigerian tycoon and preacher husband Anselm Madubuko will be expanding their union anytime soon. 

The 43-year-old veteran artist maintained motherhood was far beyond the traditional realms that people are used to, highlighting just because she's yet to sire kids that doesn't mean she is not a mother.

Emmy let it be known that she was a mother to her 65-year-old husband's 3 kids and several grandkids, a role she hugely took pride in.

“By the time we married, my husband had three children: two daughters and a son. And grandchildren. They all call me a mother,” the Nigerian-based Kenyan artist said during a sit down she had with YouTube lifestyle and inspirational content creator Lynn Ngugi. 

She went on to add that the notion women had to give birth was overrated and putting them in a box like they had nothing else to offer.

Emmy Kosgei and her hubby Anselm Madubuko

“It is subjecting women…I am not an object. Both men and women are not objects. No law says you must do this to fulfill this.

“You look at people, you don’t know why they are doing something and then you start judging them. People are going through a lot. You cannot judge them. You can’t assume that motherhood is giving birth physically. Motherhood is a role, it is an office. It is a wide range of things. Some people have just limited it to one thing,” Emmy Kosgei added challenging societal norms while emphasizing that motherhood encompasses so much more.

Finishing up the veteran artist noted that besides her husbands kids, she is raising so many other individuals through her involvement in multiple mentorship programs for young women and families in her community and church, 

“I am raising more kids than I can even tell. I am educating and feeding so many kids. I am mothering old and young women at our church,” asserted the gospel artist. 

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