We want to give Charlie a decent send-off- Jacque Matubia opens up

• We want to give Charlie a sendoff worth of a legend, said Matubia

Actress Jackie Matubia and the late Charlie

Actress Jacque Matubia has appealed to the public through her Instagram stories to help with financially supporting the send-off of late actor Charles Oudo.

Through her Insta-Stories, Jacque said;

"Charlie is a legend and we want to give Charlie an amazing, amazing send-off and we are really trying our best. We want to give Charlie a sendoff worth of a legend, we want you guys to help us out to be able to accomplish this."

Adding "We are requesting you guys to help us. Just help us give him an amazing send-off like the amazing guy and amazing actor that he is. I know his passing has affected most of you, even those at home who didn't know him because he made your days, he graced your screens, he made your childhoods and it's hard,"

Matubia also gave a word of advice;

"Something I have discovered is you don't understand... like you haven't experienced pain until you lose someone so close and so dear to you. Someone you were with... you know, like one minute you were with them then the next minute they are gone,"

Ouda died on 3rd February and the cause of his death is yet to be revealed to the public.

May his soul rest in peace.

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