Watch: Akothee forced to seek shelter at police station

• The incident led to the cancellation of her plans to admit Form One students to schools.

Image: Instagram

In a distressing revelation, celebrated businesswoman and entertainer Esther Akothee voiced serious concerns for her safety, claiming her life is in jeopardy in Migori County.

Akothee detailed a harrowing encounter at the Migori County Chief Finance Office, alleging a calculated intimidation tactic by unidentified individuals. She recounted being ambushed by goons while visiting the office, revealing, "MY LIFE IS IN DANGER ‼️ my life is in danger in Migori County. I didn't see this coming."

According to her account, the assailants were lying in wait, expecting her to exit through the main door.

However, Akothee managed to evade them by using an alternative exit. The attackers, undeterred, attempted to block her escape at the gate.

"If Migori politicians want to kill me, don't use goons to pass your information, just shoot me," Akothee expressed in her alarming post.

Complicating matters further, she claimed that county reinforcements arrived but instead fraternized with the attackers, suggesting a disturbing level of complicity.

"The county reinforcement came, laughed with them, and left them there, saying they will show me dust in Migori. We then drove directly to the police station, recorded statements, then escorted out of Migori," she explained.

The incident led to the cancellation of her plans to admit Form One students to schools.

“Unfortunately, I will not be able to admit the Form One students to school today, a terrible consequence of the events that have taken place. the situation is escalating and the tension is palpable,” she concluded.

Akothee has promised to provide further details. In November 2023, she hinted at having issues with a senior politician in Migori, fueled by speculation about her potential bid for the Woman Representative seat in the 2027 polls.

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