Amira left upset with nanny's action after buying her a phone

• The mom of 2 has now made a resolution after the experience.

Image: Instagram

Businesswoman Amira is feeling the pain that a lot of Kenyan women in their households feel - a missing domestic worker.

The ex-wife of Somali Matatu owner Jimal took to her social media to pen her frustration at having been taken advantage of by her worker.

She has panicked that her domestic worker failed to show up after her day off.

"My  nanny (one who I took in with a month-old baby ) left on Sunday she is supposed to be back Thursday but since she left, she has never picked up my calls but called my friend Kui  meaning she's okay."

"But she is intentionally ignoring my calls enyewe asante ya punda after taking care of her and her baby yani I even bought her another phone since hers wasn't charging properly ndo akitravel asikuwe mteja!"

"Am honestly disappointed but one thing I learned is never to have an attachment to human beings because they always leave. Haya nisaidieni kutafuta Dm mwingine," she pleaded for help.

Amira also indicated how she would solve her dilemma,

"From the DMs, I'm getting tumepigwa character development tukiwa wengi weuh, weuh, Anyway we say you tenda wema nenda zako. So I've decided I am going to get a DM from Tanzania."

Soon after she showed a video at the Nyerere International Airport. "Yeah let me go find a DM."

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