Karen Nyamu celebrates Samidoh for spending time with Edday's kids


•Samidoh is currently in Boston, Massachusetts, USA where he reunited with his family after 8 months apart.

Samidoh with Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has made it clear she harbours no jealousy whatsoever when it comes to her baby daddy, Samidoh Muchoki's relationship with his first wife Edday Nderitu.

Samidoh is currently in Boston, Massachusetts, USA where he reunited with his family after 8 months apart and fans have speculated that the controversial Mugithi artist and the mother of his 3 kids have not only reunited but reconciled as well.

Even though just a month ago, his estranged wife Edday had vowed to fully cut him off noting that the artist who also doubles as a law enforcer will be seeing his kids only on social media.

“The good thing is that those kids he has disrespected, he will be seeing them on social media just like a stranger," Edday had written on her socials after her hubby and Karen spent the holidays together in Edday's matrimonial home in Nyandarua.

Samidoh must really have a way with words as her stance changed super quickly.

Following his stay with his wife, a netizen went on to question Karen on how she felt seeing her baby daddy with his high school sweetheart. The netizen noted that Karen must really be feeling pain but she had to maintain in order to not be called out for misbehaving by fans.

"Najua unahisi kapain kengine na hapo ndani lakini usichome ju si team Karen tutaambia watu nini wanategea waseme hunanga tabia," a social media user identified as Precious Mary wrote addressing the UDA Senator. 

Responding to the comment Karen Nyamu wrote;

"Precious Mary my dear siwezi skia ka pain, (I cannot feel any sort of pain) over what a real man should do.

Imagine sasa wale hutupa watoto wao alafu reason iwe ni another woman," Karen wrote highlighting she was actually overjoyed seeing Samidoh be a great dad.

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