Elsa Majimbo over the moon after receiving gifts from CS Namwamba


• Gifts that have caused Elsa Majimbo to praise Ababu Namwamba

• Ababu gifted Elsa a cosy Maasai blanket, a box of Kenyan tea bags and some coffee.

Elsa Majimbo and CS Ababu Namwamba

Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba has met with Los Angeles based Comedian and Content Creator Elsa Majimbo

In a video, the Sports CS was seen handing a package to the Comedian.

He went ahead to help Elsa find out what was in the package.

Ababu gifted Elsa a cosy Maasai blanket, a box of Kenyan tea bags and some coffee.

The comedian who was happy to receive the gifts took the tea bags as the CS explained to her who the manufacturer was.

"You are an angel. Let me tell you, I use the one in a tin and mine just ended," Elsa said as she expressed her joy.

The CS then took out coffee and handed it to her.

"Java coffee, the best coffee," she said as she took the coffee from Ababu and kept sniffing it.

Elsa went ahead and said that she was proud of the Kenyan tea.

"Our tea. I have been drinking this tea for 22 years," she said as they both laughed.

After that, the CS took the cosy Maasai blanket as Elsa turned around and let him wrap it around her.

Elsa further expressed her joy since the gifts came in a bag that had the Talanta Hela branding.

"Blanket, coffee and tea in this crazy cold weather. What more can I ask for and I look like a proper Kenyan too," Elsa said amid chuckles.

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