10 Date Ideas for Valentines Day


•Being the month of love, it's nice to appreciate your loved one with more than just a gift. Here are some of the date ideas the two of you could spend your valentines.

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Valentines It's one of the most romantic days of the year to celebrate All types of love. Sure chocolate and roses make good Valentine's gifts but what about the gift of quality time?

Being the month of love, it's nice to appreciate your loved one with more than just a gift. here are some of the date ideas the two of you could spend your valentines.

Dates make for the perfect quality time gift for them, whether you are someone who loves, indoor, or outdoor or just about there in between, These ideas are for all, they are sure to make for a romantic date.

1. Book a staycation

You don't have to go far from home to have a getaway. book a night at a nearby hotel, or resort, eat at the restaurant, get cocktails at the bar, then hit the hay.

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2. Movie date,

Though considered a teen date idea,  a movie date is one of the most comfortable and easy dates out there. if not comfortable with cinemas, you could always organize one indoors, the catch is you get to sit next to your partner, in a dimly lit room for a couple of hours. 

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3. Recreate your most memorable date.

Where did you guys have your most memorable date? How was it? Go back, recreate it, and relieve it.

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4. Have a spa date. 

For a spa date, the two of you get to spend time together at a spa to relax and rejuvenate through the many packages offered by the spa, which could be massages, facials, and others. You get to relax and get pampered with a spa date.

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5. Have a dinner out.

Though considered a traditional date idea, you can never go wrong with a night out in a nice restaurant. Your partner will be sure to appreciate it. 

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6. Picnic

Going on a picnic date is a classic romantic way to sweep someone off their feet especially if they are outdoor people. Just get your somewhere scenic, it could be in botanical gardens, arboretum, parks, waterside, waterfall, and your picnic basket then you're good to go.

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7. Hike

A  hiking date works best when both people have been hiking before and know they like it and both of you like outdoor activities. With a hike date, you need scenic places, where you get to enjoy leisure walks, exploring waterfalls, and so on.  Karura forest in Nairobi is a good example of such a place. 

hike trail

8. Road trip

If you feel like taking a date away for a few hours altogether, a road trip date is ideal you can drive about with your someone as you enjoy each other's company, the breeze, and the different sights within your route.

Couple in a car

9 Candle-lit dinner at home. 

If you don't feel like going out to have that dinner date,  it's okay. You can prepare or order in a nice meal and set it up for a nice candle-lit dinner in the comfort of your home, with scented candles, wine, and your food, you'll be set to go.

candle lit dinner at home
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10. Salsa date

 A night of salsa dancing a fun, relaxed, potentially hilarious way to bond and get close with your date.

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