Gifts not to buy your 'Mpermanent' this valentines

• Valentine Day is coming, where is your boyfriend?

• The day is celebrated every 14th February.

Valentines is coming, where is your boyfriend?

As the day set aside to celebrate love around the world nears, many  are wondering what to buy their partners.

Worry not, here are things not to buy your partner

  • Socks

Socks have been over-gifted and it's time to stop buying them unless your man has no socks.

  • Boxers

He is a big boy, let him buy his boxers.

  • Ties

Who even buys their man a tie? 

  • Handkerchief

Seriously? How many times in a day do you use your handkerchief?

  • Vests

Your man might be the type that never buys himself anything. Buying him vests as a Valentine's gift is however very boring.

Vests can be bought any other day but not on this day.

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