Fans react to Shakib Cham's deadbeat allegations

• Cremy said that Shakib was not financially supporting their child and threatened to expose him and his wife Zari Hassan

Shakib Cham and Zari Hassan
Image: Instagram

Allegations by Jalia Cremy, Shakib Cham's baby mama, that the businessman is a deadbeat dad has left fans with mixed reactions.

Cremy said that Shakib was not financially supporting their child and threatened to expose him and his wife Zari Hassan.

Although she said she is in another relationship, fans have taken sides after Cremy came out to expose her baby daddy.

Check out fans' reactions;

Eddywaverrun: Today i wont choose the violence side🙌. Because a matter that involves a mother and her child, requires only those that have been in her shoes to understand her pain. So for me every fight that involves a mother fighting for her child, i will always support her side🙌

Maryam Amooti: Let me give you some information…she didn’t come to complain…she came to tell him to back off the haven’t been in his life for this long, why come many years later claiming you want a child whom you haven’t every supported?

Semiofficial: We also have deadbeat dad but we don’t go on advertising them 🤦‍♀️ then u look after the kid accept that u made that non refundable mistake 🙌

Gloria Gich: How's zari involved here surely?just say Shakib..also the baby mama can go legally online won't help.

ShishaKampala: But seems this lady is the problem even I don’t blame shakib and who told ladies that when you give birth you own the man 😂😂😂

Abesiga Hazel: There's nothing like an ex baby mama. Lolll a baby mama is always a baby mama 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kirabo Faith: Even Diamond was a dead bit for some years, when you decide to have a child with a child expect that. Your just shaming yourself and rosining your kid’s innocence

Yosh Mic: But u people should start to respect the word baby mama

Farance 5: The comments are so sickening why are women against each other if you are a mother you know your boy will need a man figure in his life so, stop judging her you don’t know what she is going through with her baby boy.

Faithon12:  if you had sex in private, don’t come making noise for us, the economy is already tight enough 😡

Albart512: Once you decide to be a baby mama, be one move just as he moved on. He will give help whenever he can because he has two families, you too have to chip in just as your other husband so such it up

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