Shakib's alleged baby mama accuses him of being a deadbeat

• Shakib has stayed mum on this issue and seems to have followed Zari to South Africa.

Shakib Cham
Shakib Cham
Image: Instagram

Zari Hassan's husband has been caught in the middle of drama caused by his alleged baby mama Cremy Lia. The lady reported to be the mother of his son has exposed him for allegedly being a deadbeat dad.

"Someone should tell this ki useless smart wire boy Shakib Cham whenever they insult my kid I will be coming for him instead because my son is innocent and he never chose this but sincerely I can never tolerate a deadbeat dad, never," she wrote on Snapchat.

While Shakib has stayed mum on this issue, he seems to have followed Zari to South Africa where he is allegedly shooting the next season of Young, African, and Famous together with Zari.

Diamond has also been reported to have recruited his girlfriend Zuchu on the show.

Zari and Shakib tied the knot last year at a private Nikkah ceremony. They later walked down the aisle at a white wedding which will be aired on the Netflix reality show.

Meanwhile, Zari recently said in an interview that she thought she'd get married to a wealthy man.

"Did you ever dream of having a life like this?" She was asked

She responded;

"I used to think I would get married to a rich man, I wear gold but I said it is not easy. When I realized I wanted a good life, I got the motivation to say I don't really come from a rich family but it was my responsibility."


"I said I wanted a good life and that has been my motivation in life to say I want a good life."

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