Esther Musila reacts to trolls mocking her age after her friend died 7 days before her 50th birthday

• For a long time, the mother of three has been mocked due to the significant age difference between her and her singer-husband.

Esther Musila with her hubby, Guardian Angel
Image: Instagram

The wife of gospel singer Guardian Angel, Mrs. Esther Ngenyi Musila, attended the funeral service of her late friend on Wednesday morning.

The mother of three revealed this on her Instagram page, where she explained that the deceased passed away just one week before turning 50.

Musila spoke about how the deceased was eagerly anticipating reaching the age of 50 but unfortunately passed away a few days before reaching that milestone.

"This morning, I attended the funeral service of my friend. Today would have been her 50th birthday," Esther Musila wrote on Wednesday.

She added, "She was looking forward to this significant milestone in her life, but it didn't happen; she passed away seven days before her birthday."

The 53-year-old accountant took the opportunity to celebrate her own advanced age, saying that life is a blessing from God.

She also criticised those who mock others about their age, saying she will continue to age gracefully without regret.

"When people mock you because of your age, do they think it's God who gives life and not them? I will continue to age beautifully and unapologetically!!" she said.

Mrs. Musila posted photos and videos showing how they celebrated their late friend and how they marked what would have been her birthday.

She also had the chance to meet their high school principal and other old friends during the funeral service for their late friend.

For a long time, the mother of three has been mocked due to the significant age difference between her and her husband Guardian Angel.

Musila, who is about two decades older than Guardian Angel, tied the knot with the gospel singer in early 2022, and the two have been happily living together.

However, not everyone is pleased with their marriage, as some Kenyans have criticized their union, expressing disapproval of her marrying a man younger than her.

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