Esther Musila exposes woman alleging Guardian Angel cheated with a politician's daughter

• The woman wanted to prove to Esther Musila her husband was cheating on her.

• The two have been married for two years.

Guardian Angel with his wife Esther Musila.
Image: courtesy

The wife of singer Guardian Angel, Mrs. Esther Musila has told about a worrying and shocking incident that she encountered on Wednesday.

In a video shared on her social media pages, the mother of three recounted how a con woman tried to cheat her out of money by lying about the Guardian Angel playing cards outside of marriage.

Musila narrated how a woman who claimed to be a member of parliament in the EALA parliament and the owner of a special guest house sought her out claiming to have evidence of her husband having an affair with another young woman.

He read the message the woman sent him.

The message read,

“You seem to be a respectable, humble, sane, God-fearing and loving woman. Have you recently suspected your man of being with another woman? I think you don't deserve this.

I mean, he just saw you playing with that type!! Or has he chosen someone above you with big hips? This one will bring you disease for free! I own a celebrity house and therefore have access to CCTV footage and MPESA payments. I hope this will be between me and you.

You will not reveal the source of the information,” Read the text

The 53-year-old accountant said that the woman who contacted him insisted that she had enough evidence that her husband was cheating on her and even continued to share Guardian Angel's MPESA transaction messages allegedly to pay for the VIP guest room.

The fraudster claimed that the woman the gospel singer had an affair with was the daughter of a politician.

"During the conversation, he was telling me "You know, this is not fair to you". I told him, "I am 53 years old, I will never follow a man. Whatever he wants to do, he can do it.

There is nothing I can stop". he himself has no need to worry," he said. It was after Mrs. Musila said that she would do her own investigation that the young lady asked her to pay her a 'token' for the information she gave him.

After doing her research and even checking Guardian Angel's phone to confirm if the MPESA transaction messages sent to her were genuine, the mother of three however found out that all the claims were false.

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