List of African female artists with the highest YouTube subscribers in 2023

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Being a woman and achieving great heights is something that should be appreciated. Read along to know which women deserve to be recognised for their outstanding works.

Arya Starr, Diana Marua and Zuchu
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Being a musician and having a huge fan base is one of the biggest and greatest achievements one could ever get. 

We are used to men having all the spotlight but some female musicians also proved that they had what it took to make them stand out and they did great in their industry.

Some of the female musicians that have acquired a huge following in social media include;

1) Zuchu

Zuchu is a Tanzanian Bongo musician she rose to fame due to her outstanding vocals and having experience since her mother is a veteran in the music industry.

The "Honey" musician is signed under Wasfi Records and has an impressive fan base. She ranks first with a total of 3.01 million YouTube subscribers.

2) Yemi Alade

With her experience in the music industry and enticing voice whenever she sings, Yemi Alade is a master at what she does. 

The Nigerian musician has had numerous collaborations with outstanding artists all over the world. Due to her amazing music and dance styles, she has a total of 2.29 million YouTube subscribers.

3) Sinachi 

Sinachi is a Nigerian gospel musician who is famous for her amazing vocals when it comes to singing songs that praise the lord.

The gospel musician has a total of 2.16 million YouTube subscribers on her YouTube page.

4) Ada Ehi 

Ada Ehi is a Nigerian gospel musician and songwriter. She is famous because of her hit song " Only You Jesus". 

The songwriter has a total of 1.7 million YouTube subscribers.

5) Arya Starr

Arya Starr is among the newest kids in the block and she has managed to surpass veterans she found in the music industry.

With her hit single "Rush"  gaining her numerous attention from the public she has proved to be a master in the industry.

She currently has a total of 1.5 million YouTube subscribers.

6) Tiwa Savage - 1.35 Million YouTube subscribers

Being a veteran in the music industry the Nigerian musician has gathered a lot of love from the public. She is known for her hit song "Somebody's son".

The musician has a total of 1,35 million YouTube subscribers.

7) Nandy 

Fans know that whenever they see Nandy's name pop up it is a sure banger because she hardly disappoints in her style of music.

The mother of one has a huge fan base all over the world and a total of  1.21 million YouTube subscribers.

8) Rose Muhando

Rose Muhando is commonly known by her title "Queen of Gospel" because of the legacy she made in the gospel industry.

The "Secret Agenda" musician has a huge following of 1.09 million YouTube subscribers.

9) Guchi 

The Nigerian musician is known for her undying love for the colour purple and her amazing voice and expressions when singing.

The "Jennifer" hitmaker has a total of 1.01 million YouTube subscribers.

10) Diana Marua 

Diana Marua is a Kenyan musician who has proved that no matter the critics she would keep on holding her head high. 

She is the true definition of never backing down, in less than 10 years since she joined the industry the mother of three has a total of 970K YouTube subscribers.

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