''I was publicly immoral,' Kush Tracey ruefully admits

• The musician said she regretted blaming peer pressure for following the secular trend.

kush tracey courtesy instagram
kush tracey courtesy instagram

Kush Tracey is sharing her concerns over how the current generation of youth is picking up negative habits by copying celebrities.

Speaking on the Bambika show on Citizen TV, Kush spoke about how she regretted blaming it on peer pressure.

"Anyone who is holding you back from walking in your full potential and who God is calling you to be, that is not actually your friend."

Tracey eventually lost these friends once she left the secular music world;

"Your friends are the people who are going to draw you to the destiny that God has for you. The devil operates funny nowadays. The devil is not far away, sometimes it's the person in your circle, ile mbogi unaita mbogi.

If your mbogi is for smoking weed, what do you expect, you pick up the same habits, and that is why I am very vocal about what I do right now."

Kush is now ministering to High School students, a place where her bad habits began and hopes to use her story to inspire positivity in young people.

"I was clearly publicly immoral and it's not a secret, My music was promoting promiscuity, drugs, and alcohol."

She began drinking at 19 years old, spurred on by secular music.

"Now children as young as primary school are beginning addiction. I began drinking at 19, So how do we become part of the solution if you are part of the pollution?"

Kush has also recently spoken out about becoming addicted to skin lightening. She appealed to women to love their skin adding how she regretted that lifestyle.

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