Kush Tracey- I spent more than 1.6 million in bleaching products

• Kush Tracey spent more than a million and a half to purchase bleaching products.

Kush Tracey before and after Bleaching
Image: Instagram

Media personality Kush Tracey has shared her battle with skin bleaching.

Tracey said during that time she experimented with different things among them injections,powders,pills among other things.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni, she shared

" I bought a package worth 40K after I left it in the car and went to the club with my friends.

I had left the package in the car when it was broken into.

I went back bought again and started bleaching again. The amount I used I would have bought a shamba.I experimented with injections, pills, powders etc."

She added

"I never went to downtown to get my services.The services were to prevent production of melannin.1 box had a dose of 1 month, I would spend around 45K on the lightening creams.

For the powder I would take it via my mouth. I went on an escapade on a trial and error as I was not patient enouh to wait for results."

I had vericose veins, I couldn't stay under the sun because my skin felt like paper."

Kush Tracey says bleaching is like chasing a certain standard of beauty in your head

" I started asking myself why I was doing what I was doing. I just woke up and decided to stop bleaching.

I did injections for like six months.

I started using natural oils. "

Kush Tracey used 45K per months for three years.

Roughly that is more than 1.6million shillings.

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