Esther Chebet recounts battle with depression as she issues stern warning to bodyshamers

Former Real Househelps of Kawangware actress Esther 'Star' Chebet
Image: Courtesy

Voice over artist, celebrated actress and digital content creator Esther 'Star' Chebet is calling out body shamers and entitled netizens.

In a video she shared on her Instagram page, Star cautioned people who feel entitled to other people's spaces, bodies and lives to the extent of feeling like they ought to dictate how someone should look like and even live their life.

Using herself as an example, Chebet recounted how when her body started changing and she gained weight, everyone and their relatives had something to say about it.

She narrated that it had gotten to the extent of people leaving her mean and insulting DM's without a clue in the world what was going on in her space.

Chebet reminded netizens that just because someone is the public eye doesn't mean they are less human before she went on to speak about how losing her mother completely devastated her leading to the weight gain that some people were so mean about.

"I lost my mother last year, some of you know this others don't. Well, I watched my mom die last year," started off the actress.

Esther went on to narrate the harrowing journey highlighting that medical negligence was among the main reasons her mother's life couldn't be salvaged.

Image: Courtesy

The digital content creator went on to highlight that that chapter brought a lot mental illness issues for her, a struggle she has been trying to cope with.

"Mental illness and depression aren't foreign terms to me... March this year I got hospitalized and was there for about 2 weeks on meds and some mood stabilizers that have so many side effects.

For those people who feel entitled to my space... those comments and messages would have gotten to the old me. Like kitambo I would have crumbled under that but right now no. To body shamers, you don't know what someone is going through so shame on you! And it is high time you change your ways," said the former Real Househelps of Kawangware actress.

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