Pierra Makena's daughter Pokot features in her first movie

• Pierra Makena's daughter will be acting alongside Awinja.

dj pierra and daughter courtesy instagram
dj pierra and daughter courtesy instagram

Kenyan DJ cum actress Pierra Makena, is a proud mum after her daughter Pokot featured in her first movie.

The mother of one, was nostalgic, further revealing her daughter is acting alongside renowned actress Jacky Vike.

"My moment of tears of joy. Riccas first movie deal and I am so proud of her. …. I can’t express how grateful I am to the casting team and the directors/producers for seeing the talent in my little girl…she is away from me on set for 4 days and I don’t even know how I feel…. Also knowing she is acting along side @jackyvike I’m a bit relaxed ☺️ #congratulations my baby @riccapokotofficial"

Pokot and her mother have recently been featured in mother-daughter adverts.

Makena recently opened up on her journey as a single mum.

Sharing details about her baby daddy, Makena revealed he got married when she was five months pregnant and when she told him 'aliruka hio stori'.

"I taught myself to be content when I realized I was pregnant and this guy was not going to be part of it. To be very clear, we had a very good relationship but after we broke up and I was pregnant he left. He did not even want anything to do with us and was very polite about it," she explained.

She claims her baby daddy wasn't rude, or demeaning. "But five months later when I was pregnant, he got married. That was so hurting. I never thought I would move from that but I did"

She has moved on from that terrible moment and will never go knock on his door to beg.

 "I was happy for him because I thought he had found his happiness. God hopes he got his happiness. I really dont follow his life and I dont want to know what happens" she shared.

She dispelled social media rumors that her baby daddy was a married man when she was with him.

"Nooo, he was never married. Trust me I'm not that kind of chick" she assured.

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