How DJ Pierra handles the difficult questions daughter asks about her dad

• The famous entertainer revealed all this information during an interview with Mungai Eve.

Dj Pierra Makena with her daughter Ricca Pokot
Image: Facebook

DJ Pierra Makena has revealed that raising her daughter without the presence of a father in her life comes with many challenges.

Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve, Makena revealed that her 7-year-old daughter has never seen her father since birth.

She said that her son's father ran away from her when she was two weeks pregnant and got married five months later.

Makena said that it has not been easy to raise a daughter for 7 years without the presence of the father and said that the child faces very difficult questions.

Makena revealed that sometimes the child asks where the father is and she has to come up with fake answers just to calm her down.

"When she asks such questions about her father, she has a distant idea about her father, but the questions she asks are 'But have I ever seen him, where is he?'

I always try to avoid such issues but I also try to reassure her that 'You know your father loves you' just to make sure it doesn't affect her in a negative way,” she said.

Makena said that she has to lie to the child that her father loves her even though sometimes it is not true but it is just to assure the child of love from her mouth.

But she also said that she did not hide that for the whole time because the child will grow up and will know how the world is and know how to separate water from oil.

"I believe when he becomes an adult, he will know what the world is like, and I hope he will not come to think of it in a negative way."

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