Rapper DNA recalls battling alcoholism and the end of his music career

•Reading books have changed DNA's life

• His pride was scratched a bit when he had to start all over again 

Banjuka hitmaker DNA's journey to becoming a gospel artiste was a result of destroying his career with the words 'big changes require sacrifice".

Their real name Dennis Kaggia was chasing his dream to be a millionaire quickly.

The singer spoke to CTA about how his journey to the gospel was prompted by alcoholism, brokenness, and moving back to his parent's home. Even his baby mama and child were affected.

"It was a complication with me. Jays mum hana kesi, mi niko na kesi. coz I became a parent sooner than I expected. So I reacted."

He prophetically told about his situation then

"You can be going in the wrong direction, you can be doing the wrong thing. Bado destination yako ikombele yako, but umeanza kupotea, so destroy, rebuild"

He was leading a rock-star life before it all came crumbling down.

"You start remembering yourself in a way. Ei I've come so far, let me not mess everything up. "

DNa shared how his pride was injured slightly when he had to start again

" All the reading that I had done showed me a man must come down and climb again. That's just how the game is.

So if you have a sense of purpose you can vumilia the humiliation of starting again, because that moves maliza's lot of guys. "

He added that many men are affected by whispers about their situation.

"Coz you are walking around saying sasa wananicheki yani siko vile nilikuwa. Of course, people are talking,. Don't allow this to become your narrative"

DNA had withdrawal symptoms from stopping alcohol

"Getting off the liquor is so hard. Getting off of the liquor is like an exorcism. People who've drunk properly can tell you. Kwanza when you get to the 30's kuendelea.

You drink nicely for like 3-4 days, bro getting off the booze, you feel like things are crawling off your skin, you start hallucinating, and alcohol withdrawals are no joke. they are the hardest to get off."

This was before going to rehab

" I said I need to change my life. what do I do? The thing I knew was God, wacha niokoke. I told God to remove me from this because this booze is too strong. You blow money, you do stupid things and then you tell yourself I will never do this again.

And then you don't last a day or a week" he told about relapsing.This affected self-esteem and feeling useless "So I got saved and I love the music so si tupige tu gospel"

He withdrew from the secular world and canceled all gigs even though it cost money and friends, . His biggest fear was returning to alcohol.

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