Tragic addiction led to regretful Naomi Kuria losing Sh800K deal in 2022

• Naomi would do different drugs among them weed and smoking.

Naomi Kuria

Content creator Naomi Kuria says she regrets losing a deal in 2022 thanks to being involved in drugs. Naomi says in 2022 she wasted a lot of time, money, and resources, something she deeply regrets.

In an interview with Jeff Kuria, she said,

"Last year I wasted my life a lot, something I regret. I wasted a lot of money. I earned a lot of cash in 2022, but I could not however see anything constructive I did with the money. I was also doing drugs and I was addicted. I would hide and take the drugs."

Naomi says she got away with it as people assumed she was not the 'type' to abuse drugs.

"I never looked like I would take drugs hence no one suspected me. I lost a deal worth 800,000. I had taken 200,000 as a down payment. The client wanted me to rectify something on a video and I said I did not feel like it. That is among the things I regret. That money could have helped me."

She added that since the death of her dad in late 2022, she had amended her ways.

"In 2022 I was not in touch with myself. I was in a very bad place. I even got suicidal. I walked in the middle of Thika Super Highway and hoped that a Car would hit me and I would die.

I think it was spiritual. The life I was living made me feel like I had no future. I even fell into chronic anxiety."

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