Angry Avril addresses Kenyans over viral photo of her bruised face

• The mom of one raised concerns among her fellow citizens after quickly posting then deleting the troubling image.

Avril Nyambura
Image: Instagram

Kenyans have expressed concern over photos that Avril Nyambura shared displaying a bruised face which she quickly deleted.

The singer on her Instagram stories shared and deleted a photo that has gone viral, leading to many opinions being expressed online.

She later lashed out at Kenyans for making fun of domestic violence, saying it should not be an issue that Kenyans take lightly. She made these remarks on Nairobi Gossipl's IG page

"Going through comments and I’m in utter shock .. this is why people never report this shit, post this shit .. cause y’all make people actually want to kill themselves after all they’ve been through .. have a laugh .. enjoy .. bye .."

Here are reactionsfrom Kenyans online:

@Dreymwangi..... Avril used to be every boys crush when we were kids without ID's , saaa hii mnampiga i hate nig&&&s fr

·@MuriukiEugene.... Stop castigating Avril & other women who stay in toxic relationships. Its more complicated than you may think but one thing i know for sure is…once that lady has had enough, she will pack her things and YOU WILL NEVER HEAR FROM HER AGAIN

@Gregy_Ke... I just Hope Avril is not Clout Chasing with something serious like Gender based Violence.

Anyway Kenyans tend to believe the first person to speak out.

@juicykairetu... Our chilled girl Avril getting it rough. Gbv ni a serious issue inaeza affect anyone including public figures it's important we shed light on the broader problem and address such issues as a society.

@fiona_pendo... I've never understood why you'd put hands on someone. If it's no longer working walk away. And this goes for both genders cause I've seen some serious GBV perpetrated by women too. Don't tolerate abusive partners. Expose them! I hope Avril is okay.

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