Transzoia governor has good advise for men about handling domestic squabbles

Gov Natembeya's advice to men on solving marital squabbles leaves Kenyans tickled

• The politician shared the light-hearted advice during a speech he was giving.

natembeya courtesy twitter
natembeya courtesy twitter

Transzoia Governor Geroge Natembeya elicited laughter after advising men that they are not dealing with domestic squabbles in the right way.

The Governor while addressing an audience in an undated video, cautioned men against using their fists. The video is trending on Twitter.

"On the issue of GBV, we don't want to hear you saying you are beating your women. MAmaboya violence against women, kupigana vita nyumbani hiyo ni ushenzi iliisha kitambo. Isn't that so? Men should not be beating women in this day and age."

He instead pointed out that they have a better-suited 'weapon' to use to calm down the situation. He added that using fists most often leads to bigger problems in homes.

Governor 026 caused laughter with his argument, and the message also appeared to resonate as claps and cheers rent the air.

"God gave you a very good fimbo to use, and it is very good. Hii ingine hii *laughing* hii ingine ya mangumi enda ulime shamba ama namna gani?" he laughs with the screaming audience.

The most recent incident to suggest there was domestic violence involved socialite AMber Ray and her fiance Kennedy Rapudo who has since doubled down on claims he hit Amber.

The two were said to have been in an altercation in a club earlier this month. She hinted at an incident that made her believe it was best to end her relationship.

He also took to his social media to apologize to her, while asking for privacy as they handled the domestic matter.

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