Tiktoker Lydia Wanjiru- I had put my ex bf's mum on a payroll and he still cheated

β€’ Lydia says she would cook, iron and clean for her ex.

β€’ Her biggest regret is performing wifely duties as a girlfriend.

Tittoker Lydia Wanjiru

Kenyan Tiktoker Lydia Wanjiru has shared her experience living with a man who ended up playing her.

The man in question would cheat on her left right and centre.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni, she narrated

"I moved in with this man two months after we started dating.

I did not give myself time to study him well, after two months, he started coming up with excuses.

He wanted me to help him pay rent, and eventually, he stopped paying altogether."

She added

"I had put her mother on my payroll so every month I would send her some cash. The heartbreak was bad.

The guy did not even try apologizing, the mum was even the one apologizing."

Lydia says she regrets doing wifely duties for a man who had not married her

"I would wake up cook breakfast, and iron his clothes.I was a waitress at the time. He would pass by my job eat and leave the bill for me to pay. He also expected me to buy supper.He would still wait for me to come and cook.The society has made it feel like women must support their men."

Lydia says at the time she felt loved. Unknown to her she was being love bombed.

"He was using his money on other women.On weekends he would lie he was going to Nakuru to visit his mum.One day I forgot the tap on and found the house flooded, so I wanted to ask for the caretaker's number.I couldn't reach him, so I called the mum, and the mum informed me she had not seen him."

How did he keep up with the lies?

"The last time she had seen him was three months earlier.He would live on Saturday and come back on Monday evening.I later found out that he had two other girlfriends.He had lied to them that I was his small sister."

In conclusion, she says

"The red flags were there, he would lie he was either a personal driver or a doctor among other things."

To date I do not know what job he did to earn a living."

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