A new man heals a broken heart, not time Sis-Baha's ex, Georgina Njenga advices

• Baha's baby mama has clearly denied that time heals a broken heart.

Georgina Njeri Njenga
Image: Instagram

On Sunday morning, content producer Georgina Njeri Njenga shared with her fans tips on how to heal a broken heart.

In her brief advice to women, the 22-year-old beauty noted that finding a new partner after a heartbreak takes away the pain.

The ex-girlfriend of former Machachari actor, Tyler Mbaya aka Baha, clearly denied that it was time that healed the heart.

"It's not time that heals a broken heart, it's a new man sister," Georgina wrote in her video that she posted on Instagram.

Georgina Njenga's post
Image: Instagram

This advice comes just a few days after the mother of one admitted that she is ready to try marriage again even after her relationship with Tyler ended several months ago.

Last Thursday, Miss Georgina engaged her fans in a question-and-answer session on Instagram where she opened up about various issues related to her life, relationships, and other things.

In one of the questions, she was asked to answer if she is thinking of venturing into marriage again after her relationship with Baha hit rock bottom earlier this year.

The 22-year-old beauty was also asked if she was interested in having another child in the future. "Will you ever get married again?? Or give birth again?” one fan asked.

In her response, she hinted that she plans to try marriage again in the future but is unsure about having more children.

"Married, yes .. about children, no. But you never know in life," Georgina replied. When asked about her preference between being married and single, she noted that both options have their pros and cons.

Georgina confirmed her split from co-parent Tyler Mbaya about four months ago where she also revealed that she is already in another relationship.

She opened up about the end of their relationship while engaging her fans in another question-and-answer session on Instagram.

Before Georgina confirmed their split, a lot of troubling things had happened in their relationship suggesting that it was about to end.

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