Jose The Witnesser-I was auctioned and left with nothing

• Jose is appealing for help to have his spinal cord treated.

• He has also developed high blood pressure and ulcers due to stress.

Jose The Witnesser

Joseph Mburu alias Jose The Witnesser is a man in anguish.

The singer and businessman is today languishing in sickness and poverty despite his fame.

He became famous after an interview of him narrating how thugs were short went viral for the slogan 'Ni kama Ndrama ni kama vindeo'

In an interview with Tuko, Jose says he is battling a kidney ailment, and an ailing spine among other ailments.

'After form four I went to Kahawa West and started working with a Children's Orphanage.

I had a joint where I sold chipo in Jua Kali, and I had employed people to help me out.

I had other businesses and I also had a side hustle at a car wash.

But because of the fame after the interview, my business became a target, robbers would constantly attack me."

Jose says his woes started in 2018.

"In 2018, I had trouble going for short calls and standing up.

My kidney system had an infection, I had ulcers, asthma, and high blood pressure.

I have gone to many hospitals seeking help. "

He added that at some point he was auctioned

"My work equipment was auctioned, and my household stuff was also taken.I fell into depression.BY 2020 I had nothing, I was only left with the leso on me, I started sleeping in the shamba nearby."

Jose says it was so hard to survive out in the cold with his condition.

Luckily for him, a neighbor who owned a few Iron sheet houses gave him a house for free.

" My neighbor gave me a house to live in but I had nothing to move in with except a leso."

He says at some point he developed spinal cord issues

" I developed spinal cord issues due to the colds in this house.

Also, there was a day I fell and my spine bent, The doctors have said if I am not treated I may end up with Menengitis.

I need help to have my spinal cord treated. The doctors told me if I am not treated I might have to use a wheelchair."

In conclusion, he shared that he had earlier prepared his burial due to feeling frustrated and giving up.

"I prepared a photo that would be used during my burial and a cross.

I have tried committing suicide twice.

I tried hanging myself but the block broke, the next time I tried taking poison my neighbor saved me.

Last month I wrote my suicide note saying bye to my friends.

A woman came to visit me out of the blues and warned me against taking my life."

Jose says he is still optimistic that one of these days he will be able to walk properly again.

You can send him help through the no: 0702838710 (Joseph Mburu Mwangi)


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