Hit songs Koffi Olomide will entice fans with at Radio Africa's Rhumba night

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• With his flamboyant style and dynamic stage presence, KoffiOlomide is a master at what he does and and outstanding musician.

Koffi Olomide

Hit songs Koffi Olomide will entice fans with at Radio Africa's Rhumba night

Congolese soukous musician Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba, professionally known as Koffi Olamide, will be headlining the Rhumba night held at the Kasarani indoor arena on the 8th and 9th of December.

As the first African musician to fill the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, Koffie Olomide is a true definition of talent.

The Congolese songwriter has been in the music industry for over three decades and has a collection of songs to his name. 

Most people know Koffie due to his many collaborations with Tanzanian hit musician Diamond Platinumz.

Today I want to highlight some of his other amazing hit songs so that you won't feel left out while others enjoy the Rhumba night.

The Rhumba king is known for his flamboyant style and dynamic stage presence that always leaves the crowd wanting more.

The award-winning musician started playing a six-string guitar under the mentor Papa Wemba.

Celebrated Selfie hitmaker Koffi Olomide


This album was released in 1997 it was among his first albums and is the most popular out of all the albums he has ever released.

Some  of the songs in the album include;

1. Koffi Olomide- Loi

2. Koffi Olomide- Micko

3.Koffi Olomide- Itinéraire

4. Koffi Olomide- Mokuwa

5. Koffi Olomide- Fontaine

6.Koffi Olomide- Phaseur

7.Koffi Olomide- Moto Molo

8. Koffi Olomide- Vicky

9. Koffi Olomide- Airways

10.Koffi Olomide- Papito1

11.Koffi Olomide- Charme

12. Koffi Olomide- Sos

Légende Ed. Diamond

This is his second most loved album and it has a collection of 14 amazing songs. 

1. Koffi Olomide- Mbembe

2. Koffi Olomide- Pont rouge

3. Koffi Olomide- Femme

4. Koffi Olomide- Andress

5. Koffi Olomide- King Muteba

6. Koffi Olomide- Olala

7. Koffi Olomide- Eto`o

8. Koffi Olomide- Trésor public

9. Koffi Olomide- Julie Case

10. Koffi Olomide- Zeffi

11. Koffi OLomide- Tshiboless

12. Koffi Olomide- Biberon

13. Koffi Olomide- BMC

14. Koffi Olomide- Enguenya

Koffi Olomide, vol. 3

1. Koffi Olomide- Motomolo

2. Koffi Olomide- Effrakata

3. Koffi Olomide- Gilba

4. Koffi Olomide- Force de frappe

5. Koffi Olomide- Attentat, pt. 1

6. Koffi Olomide- Rond point

7. Koffi Olomide- Papa Plus

8. Koffi Olomide- KO-KO-KO-KO

9. Koffi Olomide- Attentat, pt.2

10. Koffi Olomide- Code pin

With the above hit songs, they should keep you ready for the best time of your life at Rhumba night.

This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the  Rhumba king one-on-one on stage. Don't worry about the crowd as there will be two separate shows one for the VIPs and another for the regulars.

So come Rhumba and whine your waist with us by purchasing a ticket at the link. 

For VIP tickets this is the link https://ticketyetu.com/r/oDs

For the regular show, this is the link https://ticketyetu.com/r/IQJ

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