Amira leaves her boyfriend behind to vacation with friends in Arusha

• Amira travels to Tanzania for vacation

Beign amira courtesy instagram
Beign amira courtesy instagram

Amira has traveled alone to Arusha for a bonding session with friends leaving behind her new boyfriend Osellunyalik.

He told of his envy that she was enjoying beautiful weather while he was in much colder temparatures in Germany.

"I should be in Arusha too enjoying better weather" as she gushed over his adoration of her "I really wish you were here though"

The mother of two shared her wonderful journey to Arusha, revealing she was with a group of 50 individuals.

"Its going to be a long day..we are heading to serengeti with a group of 50 friends. Good vibes only" she showed her morning journey on top of a tour van. 

The team were headed to the Serengeti National park

"Tonight we will camp by the river in the park" she shared the itinerary.

"There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this"  

From boat rides in the ocean to touring the Serengeti National Park, Amira is having a good time.

Her new man was missing and he told her as much in a note describing how lonely he is without her.

Her state of happiness at being out of a troubled marriage and living her best life has impressed her fans, who've commented so.

winnie_kaingu....Na si umekua mrembo hakii,mapenzi inaeza kufanya ujihate see how she is glowing now are having ur best..kwani what is in marriage?

joylilyheaven.....🔥🔥Amira is glowing 🔥

The beauty and lifestyle brand influencer loves travelling to Tanzania. 

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