CS Tuya suing estranged husband for Sh425K child support


• The Cabinet Secretary claims they have been living in fear over husband's abusive, erratic nature.

Soipan Tuya
Image: The-Star

CS Environment Soipan Tuya has filed a lawsuit against her spouse whom she is separated from asking for custody of their two kids as well as Sh425,000 for their upkeep.

According to Tuya, Stephen Kudate, her estranged husband, is rude to both their children and domestic helpers.

The CS seeks complete custody of the youngsters, claiming in court documents that Kudate has verbally, emotionally, and psychologically abused them.

“Owing to his abusive and erratic nature, we have been living in mortal fear for our lives,” she said.

She is requesting a court order requiring the spouse to provide Sh225,000, or 50% of the children's Sh450,000 in school expenses.

Additionally, Tuya is requesting a court order compelling her estranged spouse to contribute Sh100,000, or 50% of the Sh200,000 monthly entertainment needs for the children.

She also wants the ex-husband to be forced to contribute Sh100,000, or 50% of Sh200,000, towards the upkeep of the two kids.

The two cohabitated beginning on December 2, 2013, according to court records. The two of them were dating as of December 2020.

In order to live with his other wife, the husband left the CS's home.

She claims that despite issuing Kudate with court documents after she filed the case in July, he has failed to respond to the case and instead has only threatened her.

Due to the excessive delay by her estranged partner in registering an appearance or submitting his response, Tuya is asking the court to issue an order certifying the matter as ready for hearing.

She asserts that she has submitted all the paperwork and is prepared to start the hearing as soon as possible in the interest of justice.

According to the Environment CS, the spouse poses a real threat to her, her children, and the domestic helpers' safety.

“Despite the plaint being served upon him on September 1 and acknowledgment of receipt, he has not filed nor served me with any documents nor entered an appearance to that effect,” she said.

The CS claims in the court documents that she has supported their two biological children solely on her own income. She alleges to have been covering all of their essential expenses, such as their rent, food, and clothing.

She asserts that she has been dutifully covering all monthly maintenance and upkeep costs, as well as 100% of the children's tuition and other relevant costs at their prior and present schools.

“Since our split in October 2020, he has refused to pay any share of school fees towards the children despite being able to meet the same,” reads the documents in part.

To date, she says he has also physically and emotionally neglected the care and protection of the minors.

“In December last year, he insulted me in a text message denying paternity of the two minors, demanding for a DNA test to ascertain his biological connection to the children,” says Tuya.

She explains how Tudate constantly and frequently displays a violent and uncaring attitude towards her since 2014.

“He committed untold physical, emotional, and psychological harm on the children and me. He severely intimidated my domestic staff even sexually and physically threatening them on several occasions.”

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