'I wish you all knew how much I needed Samidoh's phone password!' Karen Nyamu reveals

• The politician has been accused of using the singer's phone to post herself on her birthday.

Karen Nyamu with Samidoh
Image: Instagram

Karen Nyamu has responded to claims that she used Samidoh's phone to pen a note to herself on her birthday that took place on Monday.

The mom of 3 has cheekily defended herself and noted that she couldn't as she doesn't have the Mugithi singer's password.

"Hehe, Samidoh posting me and wishing me a happy birthday has stressed you guys this much lol. I wish you all knew how much I needed his phone password more than getting posted," she wrote in response to a fan who had written, "Yesterday, you posted yourself using Samidoh's phone. We know your handwriting."

The politician has had to question the persistent rumours that set the internet ablaze a few days ago after the message emerged at 1 a.m on Tuesday morning.

The timing of the message made many question whether Samidoh had really sent the message, whether was done under duress or was it the woman he shares two kids with who had written and posted it.

On her special day, the father of five wrote a sweet note to his bae, calling her his twin. Samidoh shared a cut picture of the two of them from their earlier Australian tour along with some words.

"Look-alike, favourite scorpio. I will not play it safe. Happy birthday," he wrote.

On Sunday, November 5, she hosted a birthday celebration in the Milan nightclub with her friends. 

Coincidentally, Nyamu's birthday comes a week after Samidoh's which she celebrated heartily. But unlike the nominated senator, Samidoh's first wife, Edday Nderitu didn't post anything in celebration of the father of her 3 kids.

However, the singer shared a few Instastories of his two elder kids with her wishing him a happy birthday.

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