Diamond has really been wanting to meet Harmonize-Baba Levo

• The musician and his former signee have had a contentious relationship ever since Konde Boy left in 2019.

Baba Levo with Diamond Platnumz
Image: Instagram

Baba Levo has revealed that his boss Diamond Platnumz has made several efforts to meet with his former artist Harmonize to sort out their differences.

Levo was talking to online journalists after showing off a new car that Diamond had helped him buy for his young son.

Levo was also asked about the joint photo that he was seen taken with Harmonize and Rayvanny at the casino.

He revealed that Harmonize has always had a bad relationship with his former boss, Diamond and also admitted that Diamond had told him that he would like to one day meet both Harmonize and Rayvanny for what he called advice.

"I don't see if Harmonize has any problem, I have sat with him, I have talked with him, and I have sat again with Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond told me that one day he will sit with all his young men [Harmonize and Rayvanny], and give them advice on how they can grow because he sees that they have come out of the label but they do not reach the level that he had planned in his head while they were in the label," Levo said.

Levo insisted that this is not a joke but something that Diamond had told him more than once that he really wanted to spend one day with them.

He said that it would be his responsibility in getting all three to meet, given that Harmonize and Diamond are like a cat and mice that cannot see each other.

"I am the one who will bring them, Diamond knows that there are others who have resentment and hatred but he knows that they cannot avoid him because he is their father. So I will bring them, they will sit with him and he will advise them," he added.

Harmonize left WCB at the end of 2019 in a terrible way that broke his friendship with Diamond so much so that they don't associate anymore.

On the other hand, Rayvanny left WCB last year, but unlike Harmonize, was given his father's blessing in music [Diamond] and even after he left, the two have been working together musically despite not being that close.

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