Alikuwa ameparara lips– Boneye on why P-Unit denied Diamond a collabo

• Boneye went on to brag that he is the reason why Diamond got a collabo with Rick Ross

• Boneye explained that at that particular time, P-Unit was the hottest group in Africa and Platnumz was eager to feature them on his song.

Diamond Platnumz and P-Unit

Kenyan musician Boneye, a member of P-Unit has revealed that back in the day they declined to feature on Diamond Platnumz's song.

Speaking to Silva Kido, Boneye explained that at that particular time, P-Unit was the hottest group in Africa and Platnumz was eager to feature them on his song.

"Tulinyima Diamond Collabo, kuna time Diamond alitungojea kwa lobby Dar s Sallam for four hours tukiwa kwa hotel, alikuwa anataka tufanye collabo na yeye na kutamnyima,” Boney Confessed.

(There was a time we denied Diamond a collabo. He waited for us at a hotel lobby in Dar es Salaam for four hours, with a request for us to feature in his song but we refused)

Asked why they turned down Diamond’s request, he said; “ (Laughs), Gabu alisema alikuwa ameparara lips, but anyway long story short si kila mtu hupewa collabo.

[ (Laughs) Gabu said that he had chirped lips, but no story short, not everyone is given a collabo]

In his confession, Boneye said that WCB Boss wanted to feature on “Nitampata Wapi” a song that was released on November 20, 2014 and so far it has over 45,104,338 views.

“But actually, nakumbuka alikuwa ameandika hiyo ngoma already na akatuambia ningependa kufanya collabo na nyinyi and akaniimbia mpaka chorus ya hi ngoma. Na hiyo ndoma ni Nitampata wapi kama Yule? Actually alisema anataka ikuwe P-Unit featuring Diamond but hapo hapo bado ndo nilimshika mko nikamuingiza kwa van ya MTV na hiyo ndo opportunity alipata tukaenda na yeye Lagos akatuimbia Chorus ya Kare,” Boneye said.

(I remember he had already written the song and even sang the chorus to me. The song is ‘Nitampa Wapi’. He said that he even wanted the song to be P-Unit Featuring Diamond.  Later, I held his hand and led him to the MTV Van and that’s how he ended up singing the ‘Kare’ chorus for us in Lagos Nigeria).

“Na hapo bado ndo aliipata opportunity ya kumeet Management ya Rick Ross na hivo ndo alipata collabo na Rick Ross. So si ati opportunity ilipotea juu hakufanya collabo na P- Unit. So alipata opportunity,”.

(He also got a chance to meet Rick Ross’s management and ended up doing a collabo with him so all was not lost just because he did not do a collabo with us)

P-Unit (Frasha, Gabu, and Bon-eye) was one of the biggest music groups in Africa back in the day.

Awards won

The group won the 2012 Best Group Africa - Channel O Music Video Awards - Song- "You Guy" 2012 Best Dancehall Song Africa - Channel O Music Video Awards-Song - "You Guy"

  • 2007 Chaguo La Teeniez Awards – Best Group, Best Song ("Si Lazima") & Best Collaboration ("Si Lazima")
  • 2007 Kisima Music Awards – Boomba Group
  • 2008 Chaguo La Teeniez Awards – Best Group
  • 2008 Kisima Music Awards – Boomba Group, Best Collaboration (with DNA – "Una")

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