Daddy Owen shares his captivating views about the ongoing Climate Summit

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Daddy Owen is a gospel musician and founder of the Malaika Awards which honours artists living with disabilities.

Daddy Owen.
Image: Instagram

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho journalist, Zenna Issa, gospel musician Daddy Owen made his views about the ongoing Climate Change Summit known.

The singer weighed in on why most creatives were not part of the summit and what he thinks should happen in the future.

Owen deemed it unimportant for creatives to participate in discussions about climate change since they typically don't recognize its significance and aren't climate activists.

According to the gospel singer, just because people are creatives doesn't mean they need to be involved in everything.

He further added that singer Nikita Kering, comedian Chipukezeey, and himself were enough representation from the creative sector. 

Owen further mentioned that Nikita was at the venue because she was performing.

"Nikita Kering performed, she represented the creatives...Chipukeezy is doing a lot there I found him doing a lot there, I am there doing my own things representing the creatives."

He went on and explained that if creatives want to be involved in key events happening around the city then they should start by showing some interest in that field not just expect to be involved yet they know nothing about what is happening. 

"I believe the creatives should be spearheading such things, we should be spearheading things when it comes to politics. You should be there when it comes to climate change they should be there because if you want to be involved you should be there."

After he was asked if he thinks Kenyans understand exactly what climate change is he was quick to respond that Kenyans don't understand what it is but with time they'll be able to understand it.

"It's a new narrative, I can't say it is something that Kenyans really understand what climate change is... not many Kenyans understand what it is." 

"When you go into jargon like carbon emissions... very few Kenyans understand what carbon emission is, by the virtue that the president is spearheading this thing it means Kenyans will start understanding it.

The gospel musician finished his interview by explaining why he thinks the climate summit will bring change to Kenya as a nation.

" I believe it will bring a lot of change... most of us as the general public, we normally want to see...If someone is building the foundation it is normally hard to see the structure but when the structure reaches the first floor, the mezzanine when the structure is up it's when we will see the change.

But I think right now it's hard to see the change since it's still a foundation, but the foundation will be built by the president and if the president is the one building the foundation then it means moving forward we will see something great coming out of it."

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