The gigantic home was featured on a segment on Citizen tv

You buy mzingas, I buy cement! Mulamwah brags as home is featured on popular TV station


Image: Twitter

While you are buying bottles of alcohol, content creator Mulamwah says he buys bags of cement to 'cement' his future (Pun intended).

He has been documenting his journey to homeownership for a while and showing his fanbase that he has a dream.

The dream began with him showing a piece of land and the initial digging and putting up a fence. He also showed the world how the foundation began into walls.

This has culminated in a full reveal of the home in a video using a drone on Tuesday, Oct 31. So impressive was the house that it was featured on a segment on Citizen TV.

A team from the media house visited his Kitale home, where the content creator and his bestie Ruth K, took the team around. He shows them a room filled with bags of cement, 

"Nyinyi mnanunua mizinga sio? haya!!!" Mulamwah brags.

His house will be featured by citizen tv from 6 pm, "Citizen visited me at home, watch the feature from 6 pm on Citizen".

He was with Ruth as they shared their poultry project. In snippets of the interview, he urges Kenyans to ignore talk that will distract them from their hustle

He showed the poultry farming project he has while encouraging Kenyans to think of investments that can generate income.

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