Mulamwah responded to concerns on the Wicked edition with Dr Kingori

Mulamwah-Someone building a 10 mil house, has another 10 mil elsewhere

• The comedian has defended his financial decision to build such an expensive home.

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Comedian Mulamwah has responded to Kenyans' concerns about being too young to spend Sh10million building a house in ushago.

On the weekend edition with Dr. King'ori, Mulamwah said that he was building financial freedom with his decision.

Dr King'ori asked him to respond to people saying he was too young to be building a home.

"There are people arguing that you have built early and that there is an age which you should wait to do so, but for you, it's a win, from ushago to come to Nairobi then you build."

Mulamwah dismissed such concerns saying, "Yes there are many people saying I am building too young. But I don't think it is too early. I don't feel the weight of that decision. In fact, I am nearing completion. So far I have spent sh10million, bado four iishe, of which it is less money."

He said his goal is financial freedom from rent.

"It's buying financial freedom because hapa mbele you won't be saving money, what would you be saving money for? You have a shamba, you have built, all that is left is building other houses for me to rent to those who don't want."

He argued that way too many Kenyans are struggling with rent, among other bills.

"If you had your own home, you would have solved half of your problems. I believe that if you get a chance to build your own home, do it, it's a good thing."

He added he won't be facing pressure to own a home at a later stage in life unlike others. "Unangangana kufanya vitu mi nishafanya. So when I make more money it will be for other things. Comedians especially should do this coz our industry is so uncertain. Make hay while the sun shines."

The humongous house he is building is in Kitale. Dr. Kingori asked him about netizens' concerns that he should have used that Sh 10 million to do other side hustles before building.

"If you see someone building a sh10mil house, just know that they have another sh10mil somewhere," Mulamwah commented.

"So si atiimeisha huko ati keja imejengwa mi nalala nje zi."

He argued that he only makes sound financial decisions.

"Napiga luku, niko fine, so sio ati pesa imeisha huko kuna ingine."

"Was it Jay Z who said if you can't buy it twice, you can't afford it, so there is someone building ako na formation ya ingine."

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