Iliuma!! Murugi Munyi shares her experience of being rejected by a 'crush'

• Murugi Munyi is now happily married.

• She was hurt after being 'turned down'.

Murugi Munyi
Murugi Munyi Murugi Munyi
Image: Mercy Mumo

Content creator Murugi Munyi has asked women not to assume they are in a relationship if a man has not asked them out officially.

Giving an example of herself.

Munyi shared her story with her co-host Lydia on The Messy InBetween Podcast.

the mother of three, who reminisced on how a man outrightly said he did not want to date her.

The duo had a good friendship and Munyi had assumed the next step would be for them to date.

'What is the one thing you learned from your ex?

To which Munyi responded

"Confirming the status of a relationship is important.

In my mid-20s there was a guy I was friends with, we would hang out and I thought the next natural step would be for us to date.

One day I suggested we be official, and he told me he never wanted to be my boyfriend.

I learned he had made another woman pregnant, she ended up moving in with him."

Munyi said the experience toughened her in a way.

The duo insisted that women should stop assuming just because you have  asexual relationship with a man you are dating.

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