Murugi Munyi discloses unknown details about 1st baby daddy

• She and her baby daddy are now in good terms.

Murugi Munyi
Murugi Munyi Murugi Munyi
Image: Mercy Mumo

Content creator Murugi Munyi has shared her co-parenting journey. Munyi got her first child, Ethan on campus.

After six years she and her baby daddy parted ways after she went to further her studies. In an interview with Lynn Ngugi, the mother of three said she and her baby daddy have signed a Parental Responsibility Agreement.

"It was easy co-parenting before I got married because there was no other man in the picture. His dad would send upkeep cash. On some weekends Ethan would go and spend time with his dad.

But when I met Zack it was important to create boundaries. We (Baby Daddy and Munyi) signed a parental responsibility agreement.

It protects the rights of the child and yours as well. It says who is the primary caretaker, who pays for what, and how much is contributed.

That made it very easy for us. It has worked perfectly for the last six years. One cannot show up  unannounced."

with her son Ethan
Murugi Munyi aka Yummy Mummy with her son Ethan
Image: courtesy

Munyi says her baby daddy has also moved on and is happily dating someone else.

"For like a year and a half there was a bit of resentment, My son looks exactly like his dad. But we found other people, He has a fiance and two other kids. We had dated for six years.

I think sometimes when one person moves on and the other doesn't, resentment might come in. My advice would be, give it time. Take your time to mourn the loss."


"Initially my son would call my hubby by his name but at some point, he just started calling him Dad and it has been so since then. He tells people he has two dads."

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