Crazy revelations Jada Smith has made over the last one week

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

•Over the past week, Jada has revealed a lot of private things revolving around herself and her marriage to Will Smith. 

•Read along to know some juicy details that Jada has revealed.

Jada Pinket
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Jada Pinket  has been trending after her revelations regarding her personal life.

Besides being wife to actor Will Smith, She is an actress, author, and mother of three.

Whether she is doing this for clout or to sell her new book" Worthy" we as Mpasho will fill you in on the juicy details.

Over the past week, Jada has revealed a lot of private things revolving around herself and her marriage to Will Smith.

Within one week Jada has made a total of thirteen juicy revelations that most people never knew about.

Every day Jada has made it a personal goal that she must embarrass herself and take down Will Smith's legacy completely till he's hated by every one of his fans.

At this point, if Jada appears on the top search people are already tired of her endless humiliation towards Smith and people are fade up with it. 

Below are the 10 revelations that Jada has shocked the world with.

1) Tupac proposed to Jada

This was among her first revelations. Jada in an interview revealed that the late Tupac Shakur proposed to her when he was in prison. 

Some Tupac fans decided to look into the matter and discovered that the author might be lying in her statements.

2) Tupac alopecia

Jada showcasing her undying love for Tupac revealed that Tupac was suffering from alopecia the same disease she is currently suffering from.

3) Tupac was her soulmate

The first revelation that she made and it shocked the whole world was after she declared that Tupac was her soulmate. She added that the two weren't compatible but still claimed Shakur was were soulmate.

4) Separation from Will

In an interview, Jada revealed that she and Will have been separated since 2016. she added that they don't live together she was even shocked when Smith called her his wife back at the 2020 Oscar awards.

5) Didn't get married to Will willingly

Jada further added her ongoing hate for her husband by stating that she never wanted to get married to Will Smith. 

The main reason she got married to Will was because she was pregnant and her mother forced it on her.

6) Pregnant seconds after sleeping with Will

Adding to her weird revelations, she stated that she realized she was pregnant seconds after sleeping with Will Smith and made a joke out of it.

7) She sold drugs

In her many revelations, the mother also revealed she was a drug pedal when she was a teenager. She added by saying she thought she would have been a queenpin.

8) Transformed into an Urban Nun

She claims that she meditates and reads religious scriptures like the Bible and Quran she further added that she has abstained from sex and violent entertainment. 

9) Chris Rock asking her out

 Jada revealed that Chris Rock asked her out amid divorce rumours with Will Smith. She clearly stated that Chris asked her out one summer.

10) Can't divorce Will even after humiliating him

In an interview with  Jay Shetty she said that she couldn't divorce Smith even terming him as a "Joker'  despite directing all her hate to Smith she doesn't want for them to get any divorce.

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