5 talented Kenyan musicians who also act


• These multi-talented musicians have shown more of their skills in acting. Some have even won awards in both directions.

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Many celebrities in the entertainment industry like music love to divert in everything that involves entertainment but not acting. Acting and music take a lot of guts, energy, patience, and also hard work.

These musicians have shown that they can do it all, some even release their projects back to back keeping it present in all careers. They are always consistent in both music and acting.

Here are some of the artists that do both acting and music.

1. Sanaipei Tande

Natasha Sanaipei Tande formally known as Sana is a Kenyan musician, songwriter, entertainer, actress, and radio personality.

She has epic songs like Mdaka Mdakiwa, Amina, Chaguo la Moyo ft Otile Brown, and Jali ft Nyashinski.

The coast queen is not just a normal actress like any other, she has actually won big Kenyan awards, Kalasha Awards as the Best Lead Actress in 2020 for her lead in Kina.

She first debuted in acting when she made her appearance in Auntie Boss which was aired on NTV in 2016.

We all thought she was appearing in the show for just a while and then going back to music but 'shock on us' when in 2017 she appeared in Rashid Abdalla's film Aziza as the lead actress.

This show proved to as she is definitely an amazing talented actress and fans started to root for her since then.

It did not stop at Aziza she appeared again in a lead role in Maisha Magic's Kina where she was recognized as Best Lead in the Kalasha awards which were from 2020 to 2023.

sanaipei tande courtesy twitter
sanaipei tande courtesy twitter

2. Pascal Tokodi

Pascalino Lpesinoi Lenguro Tokodi formally known as Pascal Tokodi is a comedian, actor, musician, and songwriter.

The funny father of one showed his love for music at the age of 11 but also showed interest in wanting to pursue both music and acting.

It was not just an interest because the talented songwriter actually did the two when he made his first appearance in acting at Citizen TV's Makutano Junction in 2012.

In 2014 he appeared in Pray and Pray, a Kenyan Dramedy. He was later featured in Fox Africa's, Wrath in 2015.

The interest did not end there he finally landed a lead role in Maisha Magic's Swahili telenovela Selina which he played as Nelson.

His role amazed many that he was voted as the Best Lead Actor in TV Drama at Kalasha Viewers Choice.

He has also won the Best Supporting Actor in AMVCA Awards for his character in Disconnect.

Kenyan entertainer Pascal Tokodi
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3. Fena Gitu

Fena Gitu is a Kenyan Vocalist,  Lyricist, and rapper.

The known rapper first started music in 2014 when she delivered various singles that were hits.

She debuted in action in an 3 episode film titled The Yard which was a street-based film of an aspiring drug dealer who wanted to pursue rapping. 

The film won as one of the Best Web series in Zanzibar in International Film Festivals in Jan 2020.

Fena Gitu
Image: Instagram

4. King Kaka 

Kennedy Obima formally known as King Kaka is a Kenyan Spoken word artist, Songwriter, Producer, and rapper.

He made his first appearance in acting at Citizen's TV Machachari in a supporting role then laid low pursuing music. His love for acting grew and he appeared again in Majuto in 2020.

He came back with a banger movie of his own named Kamtupe on July 22, 2023, which will also be premiered in London before the end of the year.

The talented rapper has also appeared in Mali, Higher Learning, and Sitom Comedy which was aired on NTV.

begs Pascal Tokodi to make a musical comeback
King Kaka, begs Pascal Tokodi to make a musical comeback
Image: Instagram

5. Barak Jacuzzi

Baraka Njoroge formally known as Barak Jacuzzi is a Kenyan- US is actor, musician, and media correspondent.

Jacuzzi started as a rapper under Octopizzo's label as a first signee.

He is known as more of a rapper than an actor but that does not make him deliver any less in whatever he does.

He made his first appearance in Prelude to Infuscio which is a Hollywood film.

The talented rapper then appeared in The Yard in 2020 which was one of the Best Web Series in the International Film Festival.

Social entertainer Barak Jacuzzi is mourning his late big brother Nagi Jacuzzi who passed away
Image: Instagram

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