The two women were both carrying a total of Sh80,000 out of Sh100,000 they stole

Unique theory explaining Kitengela women with swarm of bees emerges

• The bees left the two women after handing over the money at Kitengela Police.

Kenyans appear to have a theory of why two women in Kitengla were swarmed by bees. On Wednesday, October 4, a swarm of bees was said to have arrested two women for theft.

The bees were leading the female suspects to the police station. Area residents followed the two women closely as they walked through the town causing much drama along the way.

Witchcraft was said to be the reason, but Kenyans are debunking this theory. They are saying there is a plausible reason for the bees sticking to the women. The theory is that the women couldn't shake off the bees because they had the Queen Bee.

As is well-known, bees normally herd around the Queen Bee which is normally the leader of the pack.

Read some of the comments below;

@_ClassicBooks_...Wawachilie queen bee, tunajua ni mganga Wana advertise

@mwandokamau...So basically shes holding the queen in her hand and the others follow.

@SirJoe_254...This is marketing gimmicks , wanatafutia mganga wateja

@cheruNyiganet....Did you Know that if you capture the Queen in your hand,all the bees will follow you peacefully following the queen!

The Stars reporter Kurgat Marindany wrote that the two women were both carrying a total of Sh80,000 out of Sh100,000 that they allegedly robbed another woman in a Kitengela-bound bus on September 27, 2023.

The swarm of bees on their faces and hands appeared not to bother the two women as they walked through the town, as they searched for the house of the woman they had allegedly stolen the money from.

Kajiado East subcounty police commander Patrick Manyasi said the women later went to Kitengela police station and handed the balance of the money.

Manyasi said the bees left the two women soon after handing over the money to Kitengela Police Station OCS, David Shani.

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