Anne Adhiambo Akiny is main suspect in Eric Maigos murder

Mother of alleged Eric Maigo killer explains daughter is a petty thief

.Read the story of how Ana became a truant

.The mother was frustrated by her daughter

Woman wanted over murder of Nairobi Hospital Finance Director Eric Maigo

The mother of the girl alleged to be the main killer of late Nairobi Hospital Fin Dir Eric Maigo has revealed she has a strained relationship with the girl.

The mother in an interview with NTV on Thursday, Sep 28, described her daughter as a petty thief and not a killer.

She told the NTV investigative team that her teen daughter became difficult and disobedient.

"I told her I would not live with a thief. So I took her to the chief. Mi staki hii maneno yako. I told her the reason for going to the chief was so that she would tell the truth about where she gets things from. I also wanted her to tell me where she went that night, na ni nini ilikufanyikia ndio utokee kwa nyumba usiku."

The mother also warned the daughter about being disrespectful.

"Kitu yenye nataka tuu ujue niende tu ni report, wewe ni msichana lakini heshima unaanza kunikosea"

The mother added that her daughter was born in 2003 or thereabouts, failing to give a definite date or documents to prove so.

Explaining how the young girl engages in theft, the mother said she once came home with a 20-liter jerrycan of cooking oil and was unable to explain where she got it from.

"There was a day she returned home with a big bag of clothes. I told her this was wrong. I told her I suspected she was a thief. I told her we go back to Toi market where she got those clothes from. Nijue umetoa wapi. Ikakuja ikaleta maneno nikaona ananisumbua"

The mother decided to send her to her sister's home where she hoped the girl would change "My sister came from Kayole and went with her. She enrolled her in a school in Ruai. Later they called me asking where she was. She had disappeared. I told them she was not in my home"

The mother told them that she had no idea of her whereabouts because she had been put under their care.

"Si ni nyinyi mlimchukuwa. They told me that Ana had left early in the morning for school, Then she found the teachers, greeted them, and proceeded to class. But she left school

They said she left the gate kama wameona kweli mtoto ameenda. Ana returned shortly and went to the staffroom, where she stole sh19,000"

The mother became upset at this news

"Kwa hiyo 19,000 Ana walipiga simu. Ana took off when it was discovered the money was missing"

there was also a philanthropist who was sponsoring Ana's education.

"There was a mzungu sponsor who came from nowhere. He came and took all of them here to school. Ana got to class four akaanza kunichezea. I cried to my sisters about ana's behavior. She would prepare very well for school, get dressed, drink breakfast, and go. But when she gets to school, she removes her uniform, puts it in the bag, and disappears. She would go to Toi. She would walk there aimlessly and return home late at night. When I asked her where she had been, she would say she was from school. Kumbe shule hajakanyaga" she shared her frustration.

They had a strained relationship owing to this truant behavior.

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