Suspect's mom in Maigo case spills the beans about argument on night of murder


• They quarrelled over food that night.

Erick Maigo.

The family of the primary suspect in the assassination of Eric Maigo, the acting finance director at Nairobi Hospital, has spoken out about the case.

The mother told NTV that her daughter had visited them on the tragic day, and at around 10 p.m., they got into a fight over food.

She told the child to wait out and let her get on with the housework in order to prevent any future arguments and confrontations between them.

“Nikamwambia kama ungekuwa mtu wa kupigwa ningekupiga ju nikikuuliza kitu na husemi na wewe ndie ulishinda kwa nyumba. Kidogo akaanza kuongea ndio nikamwambia usifanye nikuwe na hasira na kisirani zenye sio zangu na wewe kaa tu huko nje nimalizane ndio urudi,” her mother told NTV.

This loosely translated to: ‘I told her I would have punished her but because I did not want to develop anger because of her, she should wait outside and only come back when I am done.’

The child followed her mother's advice and waited outside while the food cooked.

She then returned inside, shut the door and took her mattress, making it evident that she was ready to asleep.

However, it's believed that she snuck out of the house after everyone else had gone to bed at midnight.

“Sasa mimi nikapika chakula ikaiva ako tu huko nje, kumaliza akakuja akapata tushamaliza kukula mimi nikaamka nikaenda kwa room ya kulala. Nikaona ameingia kama anafunga mlango akatoa mattress, mimi nikaacha kama nimejua mtu anataka kulala sasa pia mimi nikalala tu nikawachana na yeye,” he mother said.

She added: “Mimi nilijua mtu amelala kwa nyumba. Asubuhi ndio wanaamka saa kumi na mbili watoto wananiambia hayuko, nikasema asubuhu ameamka ameenda wapi.”

This is translated to mean, ‘I went to bed knowing that she was also going to sleep so I decided to leave her alone. It was in the morning at 6 am that is when the other kids told me she was not in’.

The kid who was detained on Tuesday night is being held for 21 days while police conduct their inquiries.

According to police, the suspect, a young person who is thought to be between the ages of 15 and 17, has been missing since last Thursday.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) apprehended her in the Nairobi slum of Kibera as part of an intelligence-driven operation.

Maigo was discovered with 25 stab wounds last week at his residence in Woodley Estate.

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