Singe rHabida advises monied women that they still need a man to keep them warm at night

'Will money keep you warm at night?' Habida bluntly asks rich, single INDEPENDENT ladies

• She told women that men are needed for companionship, love, and happiness.

Image: Facebook

Singer and actress Habida has had a long and illustrious career in music and still making moves now. She is currently featured in a movie that is premiering in the UK in October, in the role of a mum.

"Here is another sneak peek into the film #goldenstripes the movie where I am staring as the mother of a boy stabbed to death on the streets of London. A harsh reality for black boys living in the UK coming out on the 6th of October in cinemas all over the UK."  

In a catch-up with SPM Buzz on Sep 28th, Habida boldly told off women who feel they don't need men.

She is married and met her man when he wasn't well off. "Coz he had a car that was breaking down everywhere," she said laughing at the memory.

"And you know I came from the US when I met him and I had bought 2 homes, I had a good life. So when I came heh, he looked like..." She couldn't finish her statement.

"But I'm not a money person, so it's not what I looked at. We grew together." 

Habida was asked to comment on rich, single, ladies who say they don't need a man.

"I definitely need a man. Not to provide though but you need a man to go through life with. That's how we were created Man-woman lazima. these women who are saying I don't need a man they are lying. Will money keep you warm at night?" she posed.

Habida said there's a need to break that mentality, "There's a lot of women including myself that want a man, that need a man, and we're not looking for money we are looking for companionship, and love and happiness."

 She also spoke about her husband.

"I don't regret getting married early, but it did slow down the career because obviously, you have children, a husband, and a home, but I'm a workaholic it didn't bother me, it was just extra things to do," she shared.

She wed early, "It wasn't early. The right time is when you find the right person. I'll be honest and say I never wanted to get married, that's why it took me time, I just met someone I thought I could do life with."

Her man had to woo her endlessly, "Alifanya kazi." 

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